Bang e Dara Urdu Volume 2 By Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Bang e Dara Urdu Volume 2 By Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Bang e Dara Urdu Volume 2 By Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Bang e Dara Urdu Volume 2 By Allama Muhammad Iqbal Pdf Free Download

Bang e Dara Urdu Volume 2 Poetry book authored by Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Bang e Dara is the first Urdu Poetry book of Allama Muhammad Iqbal published in 1924. Bang e Dara book contains Urdu  philosophical poetry, Urdu classical poetry, national anthems and more beautiful exemplary poetry along with support of difficult meaning  in Urdu language. Visit the following link to read online or download Bang-e-Dara Volume 2 in Pdf format to read offline.

Download Bang e Dara Volume 2 Pdf

Volume 1 of Bang-e-Dara book can be downloaded from here


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  1. You worked ver hard on your blog it is very difficult to maintain this kind of website. you have good collection urdu books.

  2. Assalamo Alliycom,

    Excellent Site Jazakallah.

    regards//ashraf nomani

  3. Muhammad Jamil Hussain

    Mr. Saeed Khan! You have done a great work. I appreciate you for this. May Allah Almighty give you Reward.

  4. I am a keen lover of Iqbal poetry. My aim is to study the Iqbal Philosophy and preach it in the whole society so that all the people especially student may aware the Iqbal ideas and play a key role for the coming young generation

    1. Muhammad Moiz Islam

      Sir .I am a Pharm D student and I want to read Iqbal’s Philosophy .Please suggest me which book should I read first.

    2. Allama Muhammad Iqbal , a brilliant poet and a mind blowing philosopher. If you are just starting with Iqbal then you should start with books on his personality. It will build up the situation in which you can recognize what he thinks and what he says.

      To start with his personality , one of the best book on Iqbal is , Rozgar e Faqir by Faqir Waheed ud din. After this initial taste you can enjoy Zinda Rood by Dr Javed Iqbal (Iqbal’s son).

      After the establishment of this familiar situation you can advance to philosophy and spiritual philosophy of Iqbal. The most striking ideas of his philosophy are discussed in his persain books , “Asrar e khudi , and Ramooz e be khudi”. If one have a poetic heart then one should start with these above mentioned books. But if you want to analyze his philosophical ideas , best recommendation is “Reconstruction of religious thoughts in Islam” , this book contains his lectures on philosophy which he addressed at Madraas(India).

  5. A great site. I got better books of your website. Really excellent and outstanding.

  6. HikmatUllah Khan

    Thank you sir!

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