Dirty Dealing Third Edition by Peter Lilley

Dirty Dealing by Peter Lilley Pdf Free Download

Dirty Dealing Third Edition

Dirty Dealing by Peter Lilley Pdf Free Download

Dirty Dealing Fully Revised and updated third edition, the untold truth about global money laundering, international crimes and terrorism. authored by Peter Lilley the leading British money laundering expert. Dirty Dealing contained a country index listing individual jurisdictions together with their inherent money laundering and organized crime risks, as well as details of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) country ‘blacklist’. This book also contains various other aspects of terrorist financing and money laundering.
With few exceptions criminals are motivated by one thing ‘profit’. Greed drives the criminal, and the end result is that illegally gained money must be introduced into a nation’s legitimate financial systems. Money laundering involves disguising assets so they can be used without the detection of the illegal activity that produced them. This process has devastating social and economic consequences. Money laundering provides the fuel for drug dealers, terrorists, arms dealers to operate and expand their operations. Left unchecked, money laundering can erode the integrity of our Nation’s and the world’s financial institutions.
Money is laundered to conceal criminal activity associated with it, including the crimes that generate it, such as drug trafficking or illegal tax avoidance. Money laundering is driven by criminal activities. It conceals the true source of funds so that they can be used freely. It is the support service that allows criminals to enjoy the fruits of their crimes. It allows crime to pay and often, pay well.

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