Man o Salwa Novel by Umera Ahmed

Man o Salwa Novel by Umera Ahmed

Man o Salwa Novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Free Download

Man o Salwa Novel Authored by Umera Ahmed. The novel Man o Salwa revolves around the effects of morality and the blessings of halal glitter on human life. This is the story of a poor man who earned halal for his family and taught them that. It is about the difference between halal and haraam. It is the story of those who choose the path of sin out of fear of the curse of poverty, but at the same time, it depicts the power of character that can lead one to the purity of the soul.

The protagonists of the story Zainab, Shiraz, Karam Ali، and Zari are born into almost identical families in terms of financial status. The most complex character is Zainab, a very obedient, loving، and caring religious girl. Zainab’s father is an honest man. He is a clerk in the income tax department and has always insisted on earning a halal livelihood despite opportunities for corruption. Zainab is always under the protection of her father’s compassion. She is engaged to the man she loves. One of the flaws in her personality is that she is foolishly emotional, so she became so emotional in her love for Shiraz that she kept ignoring many obvious flaws in his character.

Shiraz has a staunch opponent of his father and his “Rizq e Halal” ideology. Unlike Zainab, he was not religious at all. If she had been a little wiser or a little less blind in her love for him, it would not have been difficult to see her materialistic thinking. Another thing that struck me as extraordinary was the liberalism of Zainab and Shiraz, which is not common in Pakistan’s lower classes and especially in religious families.

Shiraz left Zainab because of a relationship with a girl from a very rich family, so she is going through a lot of emotional ups and downs and realizing that poverty was the cause of her troubles, therefore, she wanted to get rich as soon as possible. She wanted to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time so that she could put herself in the place for which Shiraz had left her. She is burning in the fire of revenge and wants to avenge her disgrace. Ironically, she chooses to further humiliate herself in order to fulfill her desire.

What I failed to understand was that Shiraz, an intelligent man, was so blinded that he did not even think about why a rich and powerful man wanted to marry his daughter with a poor man for no reason. In his lust for wealth, he gave full control of his life in the hands of others. Throughout the story, he proved himself to be a complete fool, and strangely enough, he never felt as much pain as one should feel in such a situation.

Karam Ali’s character is the most adventurous, but the difference is that, unlike Zainab and Shiraz, his actions were mostly unintentional. He is the eldest of his siblings and took on the responsibility of earning a living for his family like Shiraz. He was in a worse financial situation than Shiraz but on the contrary, he never considered the possibility of making money through illegal means.

Zari’s character is a combination of ignorance, emotional weakness, and a desire to escape the clutches of poverty that is common to all characters. She wanted to marry Jamal, who is clearly an unreliable, irresponsible and violent person, but she wanted to live in the financial shelter that Jamal could provide her. Ultimately, his choice made him unhappy, disrespectful, and violent.

Man-o-Salwa is a very rich story about the life of Pakistan’s slums, the brutality of the Arab Sheikhs, the misery of the people in the film industry, their glamor, their miserable and artificial life. In this story,  you will meet characters whom you love, hate and regret. Their behavior and actions will sometimes be provocative, sometimes irrational, and sometimes very gentle. Story of people who choose the wrong ways to get out of poverty, but what is clear beyond doubt is that haraam sustenance is not a way out of poverty. What you get legally is “Man o Salwa” for you and you should be thankful and satisfied with it.

Man and Salwa is the story of the struggle to take the right path and avoid going the wrong way. The struggle between halal sustenance (legal earnings) and haraam sustenance (illegal earnings) is part of our daily lives. The beauty with which Umera Ahmed tried to present this subject is commendable. The plot is strong and definitely worth reading. This book is full of all the emotions that a person feels when they are in a situation in which the characters of the story are caught. Overall, this is an unforgettable and wonderful story. 

It is very difficult to categorize this book and it is even more difficult to tell whether it is good or bad because all the characters and situations are representing different extremes. Man o Salwa is an excellent novel in many ways, but it also has some flaws. It’s unnecessarily long and dramatic. The other thing is that the characters have been used in an unnatural and inappropriate way. Third, I don’t think it’s an example of Umera Ahmed’s best writing. Her other novels, Pir Kamil, Aab Hayat, Tora Sa Aasman, Amberbail, and other short stories, are very well written than this one. I still like it because it has a great lesson for people. Also, it provides awareness of some very serious social issues. The novel was first published episodic-wise in monthly Khawateen Digest from November 2006 to November 2007 and later in the form of a book.

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