Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan By Umaira Ahmad

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Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan novel Written by Umaira Ahmad. This novel contains a collection of the 3 most beautiful social romantic and moral reforming stories in the Urdu language. Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan is the story of a woman who is caught between faith, loyalty, and forgiveness. Saba and Arifeen got married against the wishes of their parents. Because of his love for Saba, Arifeen feels a strange and incomprehensible sense of spirituality within him. Despite the anger of Arifeen’s parents, they are happy and satisfied with their life. Overwhelmed by her hatred, Arifeen’s mother intends to get rid of Saba by defaming her. While Saba tries to save herself from his conspiracies with tolerance, forbearance, and unshakable faith in God. False pride, cruelty, and remorse are all themes that give this powerful story a strong color. The story was first published in Women’s Digest.

Umera’s stories often represent the extremes of the social sphere. He has also shown the bitter realities of society in this novel. This story also proves that woman is the worst enemy of woman. A woman can go so far in her jealousy and hatred that she even takes an oath on the Holy Book to destroy another woman’s life. A completely provocative and eye-opening story.

Umera Ahmed admits with the preface that there is nothing special in her stories but sometimes you have to read and write about ordinary people and their ordinary life. However, the beautiful way in which she portrays her characters leaves no doubt in my mind that these three stories are nothing but special.

Umera Ahmed is an emerging and popular author in Urdu literature. She started writing in 1998 and has written about 35 novels so far. Some of them became very famous like Pir Kamil, Ab Hayat, Lahasil, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and Hum Kahan Ke Sache Thay. Due to her popularity, she is now considered a notable Urdu novelist. His novels are published in monthly Urdu digests. Even TV dramas are presented on his novels and stories which are watched with great interest by everyone big and small. Her novels are primarily based on spirituality, love, and humanity. The author has also received the Lux Award.

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