The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing and Nutrition by Jill Rosemary Davies

The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing and Nutrition Book

The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing and Nutrition by Jill Rosemary Davies Pdf Free Download

The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing and Nutrition book authored by Jill Rosemary Davies. This book is not only about the plants, however, it is also about a combination of natural healing methods, healthy lifestyle, and the use of herbs as potent tools for natural healing. Were this simply a book on herbal medicine, it would be dangerously easy to see plants as a direct substitute for conventional drugs. But although it is often possible gently and carefully to substitute one for the other, on the whole it is best to use herbs as an integral part of life, combining them with a wealth of other lifestyle choices and thus preventing and balancing disorders or diseases.

Plant healing is deeply ingrained in our ancestry, yet the privilege of healing our own bodies has been increasingly taken away from us and put into the hands of doctors and conventional medicine. It is not surprising that night calls to doctors have doubled in the past few years, pill taking has soared, and the skills of home nursing have diminished. Many people tend to view ill health as a “supermarket affair,” demanding quick answers with the cry, “Give me a pill and make it go away, now” Others, however, feel a desperate yearning to know more about natural home-healing skills, combined with herbs. So this book has been written with the understanding that herbalism and natural healing should be restored to the home as safely and effectively as possible. All practitioners insist that if there is any doubt about the cause of a patient’s condition, a doctor’s diagnosis should be sought. From this diagnosis you, and perhaps your local herbalist can work on your body naturally until you regain full health.


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This book also explains the philosophy and ethos behind herbalism and natural healing. Perhaps you are not ill but just want to learn how to look after yourself. Knowing how to prevent ill health by understanding your body and having some practical insight into ways to look after it is all part of the ethos of natural healing. By gaining this knowledge, you will learn how to return some of the responsibility for your health to  where it should be. The need to do so becomes especially urgent when one considers that 50 percent of the forty-six thousand patient deaths in Britain every year from iatrogenic (doctor-involved) ailments are associated with operations performed as a result of diagnostic errors.

May of the natural healing programs in this book require the cleansing of the body by consuming special foods. This is called detoxification and it is fundamental to the natural healing process. Its basic importance rests on the fact that the human body has the ability to regenerate itself using its own genetic blueprint. Until recently it was believed that it took two years for the individual cells of the liver to regenerate and thus create a new liver; now it is believed to take just a few months. This possibility offers phenomenal hope for so many people. Of course, the health of each new blood cell and thus each new organ reflects what it is created from that is say, if we feed our bodies nutritionally deficient or toxic food, we cannot expect to create healthy organs.

However, with the correct directives and input, repairing our bodies is possible. Three groundbreaking healers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Richard Schulze, and Dr. Deepak Chopra – have proved this and continue to teach this inspiring thought for many years.

Other methods, which will be explained, include the use of water: to heat or cool the body in order to encourage circulation, to support and nurture, to destagnate, to cleanse, and to provoke. As you read the chapter on diseases, you will see how vigorous some of the programs need to be in order to get results. You may be tempted to follow only part of a program and leave out some of the harder tasks, but if you are seriously ill, it is imperative that you carry out the treatment as directed. If your condition is not chronic, or if the treatment is simply a preventative, you may use cleanses, such as a bowel or liver cleanse, specifically suited to your needs. It is no coincidence that one of the most important health quests of the twenty first century is the understanding of the immune and hormone systems, which are now being tested and punished in a myriad of ways. We must, therefore, ask more questions, and herbs are very good at providing some of the answers.

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