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Alif Novel Complete authored by Umera Ahmed. Alif is the latest novel by Umera Ahmed. It is clear from the title of the novel that it is based on a combination of real and virtual love, like Umaira Ahmed’s previous novels. The book’s cover is an artistic reflection of the dance of the Turkish dervishes. The attribution of the novel includes a translation of a Qur’anic verse.

The story consists of 12 chapters, while in the foreword, as a paragraph, the author mentions an Urdu story she read in childhood, but she did not say that the novel’s theme was also borrowed from the same story she had read as a child.

The novel is written in the context of Turkey and Pakistan; however, it also mentions the United States. Maulana Rumi and Baba Bale Shah are both mentioned as background and foreground in the story’s narrative. The story goes through echoes, dialogues, letters, Qur’anic verses, self-talk, and other aspects.

Sometimes, the effects of studying international literature are also evident in Umera’s writings. Especially in terms of letters and self-explanatory techniques in the novel. She seems very impressed with the famous Norwegian novel “Sufi Ki Duniya.”

The novel’s language is simple and fluent, although English words have been used unnecessarily, perhaps to justify that it was a demand of the characters.

In addition to calligraphy, the novel provides a comparative overview of Turkish Darweshes as well as the film industry, journalism, and fashion. It depicts local journalism and showbiz in a derogatory manner for the sake of spice.

The novel’s main theme is the story of a Turkish calligrapher family and the tragedy of a beautiful Pakistani dancer. The chemistry of the characters in this novel is very nice and well-managed. The strangest thing in the story, written in the colors of mysticism and love, is the contradictory attitude of each character. The hero’s grandfather was against his son and daughter-in-law for a long time, and when the son left the world, the same grandfather gave his daughter-in-law the status of the best woman.

The writer of the novel “Umaira Ahmed” is one of Pakistan’s most widely read and well-known Urdu fiction novelists and screenplay writers. She completed her Masters in English Literature from Murray College, Sialkot. She later became an English language lecturer for A and A level at Army Public College, Sialkot. However, she quit her job after a few years to focus on writing.

She started her writing career in 1998 at a very young age. Her early stories were published in the monthly Urdu Digests and later in the form of books. She has written several books, including full novels and short stories. However, his novel “Peer e Kamil” became his identity. Her novels and stories are even projected on TV dramas and carve a great spot in the hearts of viewers. Below is a list of her novels and stories currently available on Pakistan Virtual Library.

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