Bang-e-Dara Part 1 By Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Bang-e-Darar Part 1

Bang-e-Darar Part 1 By Allama Iqbal

Free Download Bang-e-Dara Part 1 By Allama Muhammad Iqbal in Pdf

Bang-e-Dara Part 1 By Allah Muhammad Iqbal poet of the east. Bang-e-Dara The Call of the Marching Bell is the first Urdu philosophical poetry book of Allama Muhammad published in 1924. This version contains Iqbal classical poetry, songs and anthems along with meaning of difficult words. Click on the following link to read online or download Pang-e-Dara Part 1 in Pdf format.

Download Bang-e-Dara Urdu Pdf

Bang e Dara volume 2 can be obtained from here.



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  1. i like iqbal’s poetry

    1. Baitay ap ko samajh hi nhe i

  2. Dr allama iqbal is my favourite personality

  3. best poet ,writer of the world is iqbal . I like

    1. U r right

  4. Agar mgharb walay Arristo awr Aflatoon par fakhar kartain hain,
    To main Allama jesay barray Shaier awr mofakar par s Dunya main har jahga fakhar kar sakta hun..

  5. Dil ko tarpatee hai, an take, garmee e mehphil ki yaad…..JAL gaya hasil magar, mehfooz hai, hasil ki yaad….
    No doubt strange is Brother Iqbal.

  6. Hello…Mr.!!!! What is this? Don’t you have any respect for your elders… What do you mean Brother Iqbal? My grand father cannot say brother Iqbal… Becareful…next time…otherwise you will die next Wednesday…remember this..

  7. I love iqbal

  8. Dr.Allama Iqbal Graet Insan Thy un Jeisa na phr sy koi aya is dunia mein Aur na hi koi Ay Ga…..I LOVE ALLAMA IQBAL

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