Ibn Safi Jasoosi Dunya Novels Complete List

Ibn Safi Jasoosi Dunya Novels Complete List Pdf Free Download

Ibn Safi Jasoosi Dunya Novels Complete List Pdf Free Download

Jasoosi Duniya is Ibne Safi’s first best-selling Urdu spy novel series. The first novel, Dilaer Mujrim(The Brave Criminal) was published in March 1952. The central idea and theme of this novel was taken from Victor Gunn’s novel Ironsides Lone Hands. However, the main characters Inspector Faridi and Sergeant Hameed were Ibne Safi’s own creation.

Ibne Safi (1928-1980) is the pen name of Asrar Ahmad, the best-selling and most popular author of mystery and detective novels in the history of the Indian Subcontinent’s Urdu literature. His initial works date back to the early 1940s, when he wrote from India. After the partition in 1947, he migrated to Pakistan, and penned his later novels there. So strong was Ibne Safi’s impact on the Subcontinent’s literary scene that his novels were translated into several regional languages. It was not unusual for Safi’s books to be sold at black market prices in Pakistan and India, where they were originally published every month.

As mentioned by the author in the introduction of Zameen Kay Baadal, the plots of Purasrar Ajnabee, Raqqasaa Ka Qat’l, Heeray Ki Kaan, and Khoonee Patthar were also adopted from various English novels. The characters of Professor Durrani from Khaufnaak Hangaama, and Chimpanzee and The White Queen from Pahaaroan Ki Malikaa, were also borrowed from characters found in English literature. The rest of Ibne Safi’s novels have original plots and characters, conceived by the author himself.

All 125 novels of Jasoosi Duniya is now available on Pakistan virtual library for reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download all 125 novels in Pdf format to enjoy offline.

Download links:
1 – Dilaer Mujrim (The Brave Criminal) by Ibne Safi
2 – Khaufnak Jungle (The Terrifying Jungle) by Ibne Safi
3 – Aurat Farosh Ka Qatil (The Killer of Women-Trader) by Ibne Safi
4 – Tijori Ka Raz (The Secret of the Safe) by Ibne Safi
5 – Fareedi Aur Leonard (Fareedi and Leonard) by Ibne Safi
6 – Pur-asrar Kunwan (The Mysterious Well) by Ibne Safi
7 – Khatarnak Boodha (The Dangerous Old Man) by Ibne Safi
8 – Masnu’ee Naak (The Artificial Nose) by Ibne Safi
9 – Pur-asrar Ajnabi (The Mysterious Stranger) by Ibne Safi
10 – Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar (The Case of Fools) by Ibne Safi
11 – Pahadoon Ki Malikah (The Queen of Mountains) by Ibne Safi
12 – Maut Ki Aandhi (The Storm of Death) by Ibne Safi
13 – Heeray Ki Kaan (The Diamond Mine) by Ibne Safi
14 – Tijori Ka Geet (The Song of the Safe) by Ibne Safi
15 – Aatishi Parinda (The Fiery Bird) by Ibne Safi
16 – Khunee Paththar (The Bloody Stone) by Ibne Safi
17 – Bhayanak Jazeera (The Terrifying Island) by Ibne Safi
18 – Ajeeb Aawazain (Strange Sounds) by Ibne Safi
19 – Raqqasa Ka Qatal (The Murder of a Dancer) by Ibne Safi
20 – Neeli Roshni (The Blue Light) by Ibne Safi
21 – Shahi Naqqara (The Royal Drum) by Ibne Safi
22 – Khoon Ka Darya (The River of Blood) by Ibne Safi
23 – Qatil Sangrezay (Killer Pebbles) Pdf
24 – Paththar Ki Cheekh (The Cry of the Stone) by Ibne Safi
25 – Khaufnak Hangama (The Terrifying Chaos) by Ibne Safi
26 – Doosra Qatal (Double Murder) by Ibne Safi
27 – Chaar Shikari (Four Hunters) by Ibne Safi
28 – Begunah Mujrim (The Innocent Criminal) by Ibne Safi
29 – Lashoon Ka Aabshar (The Waterfall of Corpses) by Ibne Safi
30 – Moonch Moondnay Wali (The Moustache Shaver Lady) by Ibne Safi
31 – Geeton Kay Dhamakay (Explosions of Songs) by Ibne Safi
32 – Siyah-posh Lutera (The Black Clad Robber) by Ibne Safi
33 – Baraf Kay Bhoot (Snow Ghosts) by Ibne Safi
34 – Pur-haul Sannata (The Fearful Silence) by Ibne Safi
35 – Cheekhtay Dareechay (The Screaming Doors) by Ibne Safi
36 – Khatarnak Dushman (The Dangerous Enemy) by Ibne Safi
37 – Jungle Ki Aag (The Forest Fire) by Ibne Safi
38 – Kuchli Hui Lash (The Crushed Corpse) by Ibne Safi
39 – Andheray Ka Shahenshah (The Emperor of the Dark) by Ibne Safi
40 – Pur-asrar Wasiyyat (The Mysterious Will) by Ibne Safi
41 – Maut Ki Chataan (The Rock of Death) by Ibne Safi
42 – Neeli Lakeer (The Blue Streak) by Ibne Safi
43 – Tareek Saaye (The Dark Shadows) by Ibne Safi
44 – Saazish Ka Jaal (The Conspiracy Trap) by Ibne Safi
45 – Khoni Bagolay (The Bloody Whirlwinds) by Ibne Safi
46 – Laashon Ka Saudagar (The Merchant of Corpses) by Ibne Safi
47 – Haulnaak Veeranay (The Frightening Wilderness) by Ibne Safi
48 – Leonard Ki Wapsi (The Return of Leonard) by Ibne Safi
49 – Bhayanak Aadmi (The Frightening Man) by Ibne Safi (Same as of Imran Series No.04)
50 – Pagal-khanay Ka Qaidi (The Prisoner of the Mental Asylum) by Ibne Safi
51 – Sholon Ka Naach (The Dance of Flames) by Ibne Safi
52 – Giyarhwan Zeena (The Eleventh Step) by Ibne Safi
53 – Surkh Da’ira (The Red Circle) by Ibne Safi
54 – Khoonkhwaar Ladkiyan (The Blood-thirsty Girls) by Ibne Safi
55 – Saaye Ki Laash (The Corpse of a Shadow) by Ibne Safi
56 – Pahla Shola (The First Flame) by Ibne Safi
57 – Doosra Shola (The Second Flame) by Ibne Safi
58 – Teesra Shola (The Third Flame) by Ibne Safi
59 – Jahannum Ka Shola (The Flame of Hell) by Ibne Safi
60 – Zahreelay Teer (The Poisonous Arrows) by Ibne Safi
61 – Pani Ka Dhuwan (The Water Smoke) by Ibne Safi
62 – Laash Ka Qahqaha (The Laughter of the Corpse) by Ibne Safi
63 – Doctor Dread (Dr – Dread) by Ibne Safi
64 – Shaitaan Ki Mahboobah (The Lover of Satan) by Ibne Safi
65 – Anokhay Raqqas (The Novel Dancers) by Ibne Safi
66 – Pur-asrar Maujid (The Mysterious Inventor) by Ibne Safi
67 – Toofaan Ka Aghwa (The Abduction of Storm) by Ibne Safi
68 – Rifle Ka Naghma (The Song of a Rifle) by Ibne Safi
69 – Thandi Aag (The cold Fire) by Ibne Safi
70 – Japan Ka Fitna (The Menace of Japan) by Ibne Safi
71 – Dushmanon Ka Shahar (The city of Enemies) by Ibne Safi
72 – Laash Ka Bulawa (The Invitation of a Corpse) by Ibne Safi
73 – Guard Ka Aghwa (The Abduction of Guard) by Ibne Safi
74 – Shadi Ka Hangaama (The Wedding Commotion) by Ibne Safi
75 – Zameen Kay Badal (Clouds of the Earth) by Ibne Safi
76 – Wabaaie Haijaan (The Epidemic Agitation) by Ibne Safi
77 – Ooncha Shikar (The Eminent Prey) by Ibne Safi
78 – Aawarah Shahzada (The loafer Prince) by Ibne Safi
79 – Chandni Ka Dhuwan (The Moonlight Smoke) by Ibne Safi
80 – Sainkdon Hamshakal (Several Look-alikes) by Ibne Safi
81 – Ladakoon Ki Basti (The Town of Fighters) by Ibne Safi
82 – Ulti Tasweer (The Upturned Painting) by Ibne Safi
83 – Chamkeela Ghubaar (The Glittering Dust) by Ibne Safi
84 – Anokhee Rahzani (The Novel Robbery) by Ibne Safi
85 – Dhuwaan Uth Raha Tha (The Smoke was Rising) by Ibne Safi
86 – Farhad (The Farhad) by Ibne Safi
87 – Zehreela Aadmi (The Poisonous Man) by Ibne Safi
88 – Prince Wahshi (Prince Barbaric) by Ibne Safi
89 – Bechara(ri) [ Poor (Wo)man ] by Ibne Safi
90 – Ishaaron Kay Shikaar (Victims of Indications) by Ibne Safi
91 – Sitaaron Ki Maut (The Death of Stars) by Ibne Safi
92 – Sitaroon Ki Cheekhain (Cries of Stars) by Ibne Safi
93 – Saatwaan Jazeera (The Seventh Island) by Ibne Safi
94 – Shaitani Jheel (The Satanic Lake) by Ibne Safi
95 – Sunehri Chingariyaan (The Golden Sparks) by Ibne Safi
96 – Sehmi Hui Larki (The Frightened Girl) by Ibne Safi
97 – Qatil Ka Haath (The Hand of the Killer) by Ibne Safi
98 – Rulaaney Wali (The Lady who made them Weep) by Ibne Safi
99 – Tasweer Ka Dushman (The Enemy of the Picture) by Ibne Safi
100 – Deo-paiker Darinda (The Humongous Beast) by Ibne Safi
101 – Tisdal Ki Baidari (The Awakening of Tisdle) by Ibne Safi
102 – Khaufnak Mansooba (The Terrifying Plan) by Ibne Safi
103 – Tabaahi Ka Khwaab (The Nightmare of Destruction) by Ibne Safi
104 – Muhlik Shanasa’ee (The Fatal Acquaintance) by Ibne Safi
105 – Dhuwaan Hui Deewaar (The Wall That Went Up In Smokes) by Ibne Safi
106 – Khooni Raishay (The Killer Fibers) by Ibne Safi
107 – Teesri Nagan (The Third Snake) by Ibne Safi
108 – Raigam Baala (Raegam Bala) by Ibne Safi
109 – Bhaidiyay Ki Aawaz (The Howling of Wolf) by Ibne Safi
110 – Ajnabi Ka Faraar (The Escape of the Stranger) by Ibne Safi
111 – Raushan Haiwla (The Bright Aura) by Ibne Safi
112 – Zard Fitnah (The Yellow Trouble) by Ibne Safi
113 – Rait Ka Devta (The Sand God) by Ibne Safi
114 – Saanpon Ka Maseeha (The Heeler of Snakes) by Ibne Safi
115 – Thanda Jahannum (The Cold Hell) by Ibne Safi
116 – Azeem Himaqat (The Great Folly) by Ibne Safi
117 – Zehreela Sayyarah (The Poisonous Planet) by Ibne Safi
118 – Neelum Ki Wapsi (The Return of Neelum) by Ibne Safi
119 – Mauroosi Hawas (The Inherited Lust) by Ibne Safi


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