Balochistan Ke Sarhadi Chapa Mar by Mir Gul Khan Naseer

Balochistan Ke Sarhadi Chapa Mar by Mir Gul Khan Naseer

Balochistan Ke Sarhadi Chapa Mar by Mir Gul Khan Naseer Pdf Free Download

Balochistan Ke Sarhadi Chapa Mar by Mir Gul Khan Naseer. The book is an Urdu translation of “Raiders of the Sarhad” by Brigadier General Dyer, published in London in 1961. This book described the details of a campaign of the British army against the Baloch tribes on the border of Balochistan.

Brigadier General Dyer is one of the bloodthirsty figures in the history of Pakistan and India. During the First World War (1914), General Dyer was sent by the Government of India in 1916 to lead a campaign against the Baloch tribes on the North-West border of Balochistan. “Sarhadi Chapa Mar” is a story of that campaign which not only has a historical status but also a manifestation of certain political and geographical factors which history has not shed light on so far.

It is a journal that is more interesting than fiction and more amazing than history in addition to fact. This is an account of the period when, according to General Dyer, the German agent travelled from Persia (Iran) to the north-western corner of Baluchistan known as the “Frontier” (today included in the Kingdom of Iran), the Afghans and Then they used to enter India from there.

“Sarhadi Chapa Mar” book sheds light on the situation and events that took place in this area in 1916, however, if considered in light of today’s international politics, the usefulness and value of this book expands. It is not only a record of a campaign, but also a historical document, and a picture of political strategy, military courage, perseverance and sovereign prudence.

Urdu book “Balochistan Ke Sarhadi Chapamar” is now available online on Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality PDF document for our users’ study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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