Ashram se Us Bazar Tak By Ahmad Yar Khan

Ashram se Us Bazar Tak Novel By Ahmad Yar Khan Free Download

Ashram se Us Bazar Tak Novel By Ahmad Yar Khan Free Download

Ashram Se Us Bazar Tak novel, written by Ahmed Yar Khan. This novel consists of five true stories of investigation and detection. This is the 23rd collection of investigative stories by Honorable Ahmed Yar Khan.

The investigation and investigation of four murders in this collection date back to the time when Ahmed Yar Khan was with the CIA in Delhi. They have investigated with Scotland Yard trained English police inspectors and arrested suspects in a series of murders known as blind murders. In other words, such incidents make it impossible to trace the accused.

For example, the fifth story, “Havili Aur Soutili,” is an investigative story about a case of jewellery theft. Thefts and robberies continue, and the purpose of these incidents is only looting. But this incident presents an aspect of human nature and psychology that surprises the reader and stirs up emotions in such a way that the heart feels sympathy for the accused.

Firstly, the investigation of this incident was challenging and complicated. It was the excellence of His Excellency Ahmed Yar Khan that he caught the thief, but he made a decision that required extraordinary courage. An Indian sub-inspector could not have made such a bold decision during the rule of law during British rule, but this police officer overstepped his authority and made a decision that stunned the audience.

Keep one thing in mind. During British rule, every Thanedar was an Ahmadyar Khan. The police were not allowed to go beyond the scope of their duties. The British had full respect for the laws they made, and it was the duty of the police to enforce the law against anyone who violated it and not to look at the social position of the lawbreaker.

There was no concept of punching. The system was such that the Thanedars could not be arbitrary. The oppressor got full justice, and the oppressor was punished. These stories were born as investigation and detection were done day and night with hard work and integrity.

The author tells us only those stories with a social evil and how sometimes one’s little mistake leads to a huge tragedy and accident. Any way you read these stories, teach them to your children, they will satisfy you in every sense. It will also provide mental entertainment and food for thought.

Urdu novel “Ashram Se Us Bazar Tak” is now available online on Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality PDF document for our users’ study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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