Junoon Novel By Anwar Ahsan Siddiqui

Junoon Novel By Anwar Ahsan Siddiqui

Junoon Novel By Anwar Ahsan Siddiqui Pdf Free Download

Junoon Novel Authored By Anwar Ahsan Siddiqui. This novel contains an interesting social, romantic and moral reforming story in Urdu language. “Junoon” is the story of the fiery hell of a human being psyche and ego which lead to numerous forms of life. This is the story of love and hate, good and evil which leads to happiness and restless satisfaction. And it becomes a remorse that goes into deep tragedy, which has no way of full recovery and requires a long self purification to reduce its effects.

It is the story of human relationships that go through countless critical paths, making their way into the turbulent journey of life, and formed a new emotional world at every turn. There are many different conflicting and disturbing emotions are together in the whole story of “Junoon.”

It is also the story of those who avoid the loss of their existence through their personal tragedies, and make their personal tragedies a part of their social consciousness decorating their normal lives. It is a story of struggle and hard work to reach the realm, in which many  stop come to a standstill where everything seems to be ending. But determination and enthusiasm again point to a new beginning even the destination is finally reached.

It is also the story of some government officials who have worked tirelessly and faithfully, who want to help stray human beings who would otherwise end up being a part of total annihilation. The different characters that appear in this long and complex story  keep us coming back to life, and their diverse attitude is to invite us deeper.

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