Maut Ke Musafir Novel By Aslam Rahi M.A

Maut Ke Musafir Novel By Aslam Rahi M.A 

Maut Ke Musafir Novel By Aslam Rahi M.A Pdf Free Download

 Maut Ke Musafir novel authored by Aslam Rahi M.A. A mysterious story from Islamic history in the Urdu language. This novel contains an interesting Islamic historic story in the Urdu language.

The first half of the seventh century AH or thirteenth century AD was a turbulent period in Islamic history. Which led to the fall of Baghdad. In this short period of time, on the one hand, all the forces of Europe were coming together to fight the forces of Islam for the recovery of the land of Palestine. On the other hand, the Tartars left Mongolia and began to lay hands on the Islamic empires one after the other. The series that started with Genghis Khan was completed by Hulaku Khan. But Halaku was not as involved in the overthrow of the Abbasid Caliphate as in the betrayal of Ibn Al-Qalami, the minister of Mutasimullah. Shia Sunni riots and prejudices in Baghdad had divided the nation. And when the country is in turmoil internally, there are golden opportunities for external forces to intervene and fulfill their nefarious intentions.

All the tragic events in Islamic history, be it the expulsion of Muslims from Spain, the destruction of Baghdad, or the fall of Dhaka in our own era. In fact, rulers and traitors like Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq are mirrors of the shameful conspiracies of the nation.

But in a situation where the national traitors were busy in their conspiracies. There were also many Mujahids who, above all personal motives, were fighting the internal and external enemies of the country and the nation on every front only for the sake of religion. The names of such anonymous heroes will hardly be found in history, as the focus of historians is usually on the wealthy and powerful figures. In addition, the historian’s pen is not inclined to detail. That is why the study of history can hardly produce that deep insight and consciousness, which can easily happen from a literary creation.

Impressions of history and literature vary from reader to reader. History is based on general citations and the principles of authenticity, but literature is ruled by imagination. And when the creative imagination becomes the basis of a piece of literature, it touches the highest standard of authenticity. So fiction writers and historians go their separate ways.

The person whom the historian considers the hero of his time, but the fiction writer does not give him much importance, while the non-historic persons take the form of an important role in the creative imagination of the fiction writer.

One such case is that of the novel’s hero “Umair ibn Khazam” who at the same time confronts the armies of King Louis IX of France, and at the same time does his best to protect the caliphate of Baghdad. He was also the link between all the empires of the Islamic world and a constant threat to conspirators and traitors. He wants only the domination of Islam beyond linguistic and regional interests, and in order to achieve this great goal, his “Death Squad” in the abode on the banks of the river Siron considers it their duty to carry out every command of him.

Aslam Rahi has portrayed him as a Mujahid, but he is also a common man who is fulfilling the responsibilities of married life. He is a friend of friends and like ordinary people, he may have some weaknesses. But overall, he is a favorite and well-imitated person. The sincerity and fighting spirit of his passion are the qualities that can be a beacon for every young man.

Islamic historical novels were in high demand at the time of the establishment of Pakistan. Its promotion in literature produced a young generation who made the thought of Iqbal their profession and saw the image of this thought in the historical context of the Mujahideen of the nation. Later, the demand for historical novels declined for some time, but then readers turned to the sources of their past.

Aslam Rahi’s current book, which was also partially published in a popular digest, has now come to light entirely through Maktab al-Quraysh. In fact, it is the right of readers to give an opinion on its beauty. But I am sure that an important step has been taken in the field of Islamic historical novels and the taste buds will consider it not only better than Aslam Rahi’s previous books in terms of meaning and spirituality but also from the general literature being printed under the category of historical novels, so far better and technically more complete and historically closer to reality.

Urdu historical novel “Maut Ke Musafir” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high-quality Pdf documents for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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