Pathano Ke Roman by Farigh Bukhari

Pathano Ke Roman by Farigh Bukhari

Pathano Ke Roman by Farigh Bukhari Pdf Free Download

Pathano Ke Roman Pashto Folk Stories in Urdu translated and compiled by Farigh Bukhari and Raza Hamdani. This book contains a collection of Pashto famous folk stories in the Urdu language.

Many folk tales are popular among the Pathans, like other nations worldwide. A few of these countless stories are also liked in all Pathan societies due to their strong impression. Some stories have a general status, common in every area, district, tribe, town, and village. However, some stories are limited to one region or tribe.

Pashto folk tales are all organized in poetic form and published, easily available in the market. Various poets of the Pashto language have put these stories into poetic form. In addition to local or regional stories, many stories have been translated from other languages unrelated to the Pathan community. Most are tales of jinns, giants, fairies, fairy tales, myths, and legends. Some have been translated directly from Persian literature. In this regard, Gul Bakauli, Gul Sanobar, Laila Majnoon, Shireen Farhad, Bahram and Gul Andam, Gulfam Shahzada, Saif-ul-Muluk Badi-ul-Jamal etc are worth mentioning. These stories are all in the form of poetry.

The collection under review is the Urdu version of the stories related to the Pathan community. These stories are a strict selection of folk tales popular among the Pathans and are only the product of the imagination of the Pathan storytellers. Some local stories have also been experimented with, transcending fiction and everyday life. But in the election that is being offered, such things will be rarely seen. There are a few things common in these Pashto folk tales. Love, affection, sincerity, determination, and a sense of nationalism and commitment.

This spirit is reflected in all stories in different colors. As far as the main character is concerned, all the stories revolve around extraordinary and beautiful girls. In that sense, the woman is on the nerves of our Pashtun storytellers. However, this woman is an ideal woman. The possessor of great character is a very pious, lion-hearted woman who protects her tribal traditions in all circumstances.

Such stories are common in different nations, tribes, and societies worldwide. No story can meet this standard if examined in the light of history. The folk tales of the Pathans also fall under this category. Examining them based on history will also undermine their literary, traditional, and classical status. The advantage of these stories is that we can estimate through them: Pathan before centuries ago. What was his lifestyle? What were their habits and characteristics, way of life, and society? And what were its resources?

The stories in this collection have been translated into Urdu from the Pashto language. It is not a translation of the original content but an attempt to convey the story’s content and the narrator’s intent in a fictional language. However, there are some places where local colors have been retained. This is probably the first attempt at its own style in Urdu literature. We hope readers will appreciate this effort.

The Pashto folk storybook “Pathano Ke Roman” is now available in the Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality PDF document for our visitors to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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