Sholon Ka Kafan Novel by Khan Asif

Sholon Ka Kafan Novel by Khan Asif 

Sholon Ka Kafan Novel by Khan Asif  Pdf Free Download

Sholon Ka Kafan authored by Khan Asif. The book “Sholon Ka Kafan” (Shroud of Flames) is another masterpiece historical novel of the late Khan Asif, which described the life story of Sultan Alauddin Khilji in the Urdu language. The novel was first published in Akhbar e Jahan and gained large popularity. Now it is in front of you in book form. This is the second book of Akhbar e Jahan publication. True story real adventure, bravery legendary, love, romance, and much more.

The story of such a brave man who made a new history of conquests with his sharp sword. Sultan Alauddin Khilji fought approximately 84 battles and remained victorious every time. When Alauddin Khilji emerged on the political chessboard, every corner of the subcontinent was under the influence of superstition. Human destinies were in the possession of the mantras and magic of the naked sadhus. Lust slaughterhouses were set up in every street corner and Indian women were being slaughtered like sheep and goats. The exciting dance and lively music of Devadasis became a part of worship.

The conspiracies of Pandits and Brahmins had made the large population of the country “Achhut”  (untouchable). There was no judge and no court, oppression had reached its limits. Thus internal strife, unjust system, and mutual hypocrisy provided the basis for external intervention and Sultan Aladdin set foot on the land of “thousands of gods”. Victims of the oppression of the Brahmins, this scattered nation could not stop even a single blow of Sultan Aladdin and bowed down before his glory and might.

The language of this unconventional novel is very sharp and the style is very charming. And the narration is so charming, interesting, and fascinating that you will get lost in its pages while reading this novel. The novel is available for online reading and free download. Click on the link below to download.

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