Tareekh Makka Mukarrama By Maulana Shafi-ur-Rehman

Tareekh Makka Mukarrama By Maulana Shafi-ur-Rehman Pdf Free Download

Tareekh Makka Mukarrama By Maulana Shafi-ur-Rehman Pdf Free Download

Tareekh Makka Mukarrama authored by Maulana Safi-ur-Rehman Mubark Puri. History of Mecca in Urdu pdf. This book contains ancient and modern history of Mecca and Baitullah Sharif and a comprehensive guide for Hujjaj e Kiram in Urdu language.

It discusses various aspects of Makkah Makramah and Baitullah Sharif and the special historical events about the foundation and construction of Baitullah Sharif that is directly related to its worship and religious status. The book is also highlighted these places which are obligatory with the history of Mecca such as Hajr e Aswad, Zam Zam water, Mana and Arafat etc.

This book is the real requirement of an Islamic library on the subject of Makkah’s holy history and its context, which is commonly used for ordinary readers and researchers. During the compilation, it is believed that only authentic events, traditions and correct Hadiths should be included in the book.

Tareekh e Makkah Mukarramah book is now available here on Pakistan virtual library for the study of our readers. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer as well in your android devices.

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