The Mysteries of Fasting By Imam Ghazali r.a

The Mysteries of Fasting By Imam Ghazali r.a

The Mysteries of Fasting

The Mysteries of Fasting By Imam Ghazali r.a Pdf Free Download

The Mysteries of Fasting Book Authored by Imam Ghazali r.a. This book The Mysteries of Fasting Being a translation with notes of the Kitab Asrar al-Sawm of Al-Ghazali Translated in to English by Nabih Amin Faris American University of Beirut. The Kitan Asrar Al-Sawm is the fifth book of the first quarter of the Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din. The translation is based on three printed text and one in manuscript from. The printed texts are : first that printed at Kafr Al-Zaghari in A.H. 1352 from the older Cairo edition of A.H. 1289; second, that contained in the text of the Itbaf al-Sadab al-Murtad al-Zabidi (d. 1791); third, that reproduced in the margin of the same Itbaf al-Sadab; and fourth, the text preserved in a four-voulme manuscript in the Garrett Collection of Arabic Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library.
This book is now available here for online reading and downloads. Visit the following links to read online and also download the complete book in Pdf format for offline reading and references.

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