Alipur Ka Ailee Novel By Mumtaz Mufti

Alipur Ka Ailee Novel By Mumtaz Mufti Pdf Free Download

Mumtaz Mufti Alipur Ka Oily Novel PDF Free Download

Alipur Ka Ailee Novel, by Mumtaz Mufti, is a semi-traditional autobiographical novel that describes the struggle faced by the main character in his early life. Despite not winning the Adamji Prize when the novel was published in 1961, this literary work quickly caught the attention of readers and critics. The book’s timeless charm and intricate plot cemented Mumtaz Mufti’s reputation as an outstanding writer.

The book highlights the author’s personal experiences from childhood to 1947, the pivotal year. Mumtaz Mufti acknowledges that much of the story is based on fact. He has created an engrossing story, setting true events. Readers can peer into the protagonist’s life and experience the joys and pains that unfold in his early years. This great story does not end here. It continues in “Alakhnagari“, the second part of this fascinating story.

Urdu Novel “Alipur Ka Ailee” is now available on Pakistan Virtual Library in a high-quality PDF document for our users to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete novel in PDF format to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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  1. mudasir aftab saghri

    it is very intersting navol.
    i like ? it.
    i read it fully.
    best noval of Urdu.
    no doubt.
    mudasir aftab khan
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  2. I have completed the novel, ”Ali Pur Ka Aili” by Mumtaz Mufti, nearly in a week. I felt astonished by the purity, sensuousness and true spirit of the author. I have read so many classical novels but I have never seen such a fearless power of speaking truth. I am truly amazed with his true spirit. Mumtaz Mufti, in the novel have rightly portrayed himself as tremendous social, romantic and moral reforming religious hero. He rightly fought against the set norms and taboos of society and gave way the path of courage, honesty, love and fearlessness… By and by, I have never seen such a fearless autobiography ever. For me, none other than Mumtaz Mufti was able to share his own life’s thick and thins in such a unique way…
    (By Komal Ehsan…)

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