Amrita Pritam Ke Anmol Afsane

Amrita Pritam Ke Anmol Afsane by Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam Ke Anmol Afsane by Amrita Pritam Pdf Free Download

Amrita Pritam Ke Anmol Afsane is written by Amrita Pritam. This book contains a collection of 100 invaluable pieces of fiction and short stories in the Urdu language. Amrita Pritam is one of the prominent writers of the subcontinent and one of the famous Punjabi language poets. She had a very clear and fearless personality. The bloody events that took place during the partition of the subcontinent had a profound effect on their hearts and minds, and the way he recorded these horrific and bloody incidents, the atrocities against women and innocent children, Made the greatest and most famous novelist of the 20th century. Very few Urdu readers will know about Amrita that she is not only a Punjabi language poet but also a recognized writer and novelist. A collection of his masterpieces fictions is being presented in the present book.

Literature of every age is influenced by the mental, economic, and political trends of its time. Time is an ocean, and moral and social values are the waves of this ocean. There will be very few writers who will be able to set an independent course for their boat. They surrender themselves to these waves. In fact, this should not be the case. The writers are not the contemptible straws that float on the waves, but they are the courageous sailors who lead their caravan by defeating the waves. It is a pity that very few writers have assessed their power and their duty. There are countless writers who stray from their path. They do not lead the people but follow them. A true writer cannot become a follower of public sentiments, but a leader.

The present time is critical for fiction writers and poets. The demands of the public are very low because the moral values have fallen a lot. Progressive literature, which is more apt to be called degrading literature, has spoiled their tastes. Third-rate movies, nude fiction, and novels have created a very bad kind of interest in society. A section of so-called fiction writers and novelists are taking advantage of this mentality of the public and producing low-quality literature. They have been criminally negligent in their responsibilities.

A wise man says, “The glory of a country is due to the writers of that country, but only when the writers are messengers of wisdom.” If their writings do not teach good manners, then they should have a curse around their neck instead of a necklace. How painful it is to acknowledge the fact that a new batch of our “progressive” writers will deserve the curse of future generations.

In this depressing atmosphere, if a writer or poet realizes his real responsibilities, and considers it his prerogative to lead the people instead of following them, then he is undoubtedly deserving of extraordinary respect. From this point of view, when we examine Amrita’s poetry and her fiction, we must conclude that she has a deep sense of her poetic and literary duties. She was not at all impressed by the “progressive” approach of her contemporary poets and writers. Her fictions, like her poems, are rich in the best moral values. There is not a single myth that can be objected to from the point of view of modesty and morality.

Furthermore, all the essential elements are presented in her fiction. The characters of her fiction are ordinary human characters. Although she is not very famous in the field of fiction, even a cursory review of these fictions will lead to the conclusion that Amrita is endowed with all the attributes of fiction. She can study, think, and articulate her meaning with skill and artistry. She not only observes the events but also takes a psychological look at each character in her fiction. The “emotional study” of human life is also prominent in each of his stories.

She explores new themes for her fiction and has been very successful in this endeavor. Her thoughts are untouched, her ways are modern, and her “ideal” is constructive, not arbitrary. Like the poem, she seems to be giving a “message” to her readers in fiction. Her message is the message of life and love.

His fictions are truly short stories. Some fiction, like poems, seems too short, and the reader wants them to be more detailed. There is no doubt that if it is not so short, then Amrita’s pen has enough power to enhance the beauty of her writing by giving it a colour of detail, but this is merely the taste of the “introductory writer”. Not every reader is necessarily in agreement with his or her views. It is certain that this collection of myths will find a prominent place in Urdu literature.

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