A Picture Story of the World Biggest Migration

A Picture Story of the World Biggest Migration


Sikh carrying his wife on his shoulders as he walks with others migrating to their new homeland after the creation of Sikh and Hindu section of Punjab India due to the division of India.

In this Sept. 19, 1947 file photo, Muslim refugees sit on the roof of an overcrowded coach railway train near New Delhi in trying to flee India. Millions of Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan. Partition marked a massive upheaval across the subcontinent. Hindus living for generations in what was to become Pakistan had to flee their homes overnight. (AP Photo, File)

Picture story of the world biggest migration of the history of human being in 1947 on the Independence of the Islamic republic of Pakistan. 

Some pictures of the Historical chronicles of Pakistan, August 1947. Approximately 12 million people migrated, of whom about 1 million were killed.

India and Pakistan won independence in August 1947, following a long struggle. It was the largest mass migration in history of some 12 million. Nearly one million civilians died in riots and local fighting.