Da Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak Deewan

Da Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak Deewan Pashto

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Da Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak Deewan 3rd Edition. Research and edited by Prof. Jahan Zeb Niaz. The book is a collection of classical Pashto poetry of the great Pashto Sufi poet Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak.

Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak, son of the great Khushal Khan Khattak, was a scholar, mystic and talented poet. He is the patron of the literary tradition of his family and his great father and has been a unique poet of his style. This beautiful poet of the subject of love and affection did not become as famous as he should have been. This may be because he was born in the era of two great and popular poets of his time. Since the Pashtuns have less eloquence and more favoritism, no one could fully understand the position of Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak because of this attitude. It is difficult to find an example of the beautiful sentiments and pure thoughts he expressed in his poetry.

Abdul Qadir Khan was a poet of rare metaphors, beautiful lands, beautiful rivers, and mystical ideas. He described the virtues, observations, and perceptions of virtual love as well as the true love of Sufism in such a sweet and elegant way which is a masterpiece of art that very few Pashto poets have been blessed with. This Deewan of a high standard of scientific, artistic, and literary style is the guarantor of the perfection of his art, but the condition is to read and understand it. If impartial critical consciousness prevails in the region, it is certain that Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak will be promoted to the rank of Khushal Khan Khattak and Rehman Baba.

Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak is the tenth son of Khushal Khan Khattak. He was born in November 1653 in his village Akora Khattak. He was a great poet, writer, and scholar, as well as a good soldier. He was fluent in Arabic and Persian and taught the students in both languages. Abdul Qadir Khan also played a major role in the era of Khushal Khan Khattak which was the great scholarly, literary, compositional, and educational era of the Pashtun nation. He was an expert in pen as well as sword and a very fearless and brave soldier. This talented poet died around 1913.

Being a true religious scholar and poet the service he has rendered to the Pashto language in his time is a great achievement for Pashto in terms of educational quality after Khushal Baba. He may have written more in Pashto but one of the works that have been discovered so far is this poetry Deevan which is a treasure of valuable artistic poetry. This Deewan is also known as “Hadiqa e Khattak”.

Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak’s Diwan first edition was published from Kandahar, which was edited by Mr. Abdul Hai Habibi. The second edition, compiled by Hamesh Khalil, was published after comparing a manuscript discovered in 1784 with the Kandahar edition. The latter is relatively more complete than the former.

In the year 1969, Mr. Syed Anwar-ul-Haq has published it under the title “Hadiqa e Khattak” from University Book Agency Peshawar, after comparing several manuscripts and the above-mentioned Kandahar edition. Surprisingly, he did not mention the printed version of Peshawar in his foreword, even though it was published two years before Hadiqa Khattak.

Although Abdul Qadir Khan’s Diwan has been published from time to time by various institutions and publishers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it has become rare for a long time. Therefore, the Pashto Academy has redesigned and published it to reach out to the Pashtuns. Jahanzeb Niaz has prepared this current and third edition of Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak’s Diwan after comparing it with the Peshawar edition and a manuscript preserved by the Pashto Academy. The basis of this edition is also the Peshawar edition, as mentioned above.

The book “Da Abdul Qadir Khan Khattak Deewan” is being offered online for the readers of the Pakistan Virtual Library. The book is available for online reading and free download in a high-quality Pdf document. Check out the following links to read online or download it in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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