Da Rahman Baba Kulliyat

Da Rahman Baba Kulliyat by Abdur Rahman Baba

Da Rahman Baba Kulliyat by Abdur Rahman Baba Pdf Free Download

Da Rahman Baba Kuliyat, Research and compiled by Dost Muhammad Khan Kamil Momand and Qalandar Momand. This book contains a collection of Pashto poetry by the famous Pashto Sufi poet Abdul Rehman, in which the manuscripts of all his Diwans have been combined in alphabetical order. Rahman Baba is the most illustrious Sufi poet from Peshawar during the Mughal era. He is considered to be one of the most popular poets among the ethnic Pashtuns.

The great Pashto Sufi poet Abdul Rahman belonged to Ghoriya Khel, a branch of the Mohmand tribe. Born in Bahadur Kali near Peshawar. He studied his early education from the eminent scholars of his time. He is called Hafiz Shirazi of Pashto poetry. His poetry is the symbol of Sufism and is considered one of the best poetry in the Pashto language. He has tried to express all kinds of philosophy and knowledge in his poetry. Rahman Baba’s poetry collection has been published under the name of “Diwan-e-Rehman Baba“. Your shrine is located at Hazar Khawani, south Peshawar.

The history books do not give many details about his early life. It is said that he is to be a contemporary of the famous Pashtun poet and brave warrior Khushal Khan Khattak. His real name was Abdul Rehman but he became known as Rehman Baba. His father’s name was Abdul Sattar who, according to a tradition, was a wealthy khan of Bahadar Village located on Kohat Road, five miles south of Peshawar. Rehman Baba was born in the year 1632 in Bahadur Kali near Peshawar. He received his education in Sufism and jurisprudence from Mullah Muhammad Yousafzai, then went to Kohat and studied with various scholars there.

From a very young age, Abdur Rehman was inclined towards piety, asceticism, and mysticism. Therefore, this son of a Khan was called Mullah and Sufi. He was a pious man and a great scholar of Islamic teachings. That is why he has been highly respected by the Pashtuns and because of this respect, he is remembered as “Baba”.

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