Feroz ul Lughat New Edition 4 Volumes Complete

 Feroz ul Lughat

Feroz ul Lughat New Edition 4 Volumes Pdf Free Download

Feroz ul Lughat Urdu dictionary new latest edition by Maulvi Ferozuddin. Ferozul Lughat is a most famous and well known Urdu to Urdu dictionary with latest and modern compilations and additions. About 125000 old and new modern Urdu words meanings, compositions, expressions, conversations, belletristic and technical instructions support.


Ferozul Lughat Urdu dictionary complete 4 volumes is now available here for reading and downloads. Visit the following links to read online or download complete 4 volumes in pdf format to read offline.

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  1. thanks very much

  2. Such a great use ful dictionary no doub’t. thank you to provide us a great guide to learn

  3. there is a problem with your file or website. i m unable to download Urdu dictionary. plz tell me easiest way to download urdu dictionary.

    1. Brother a mediafire download has been added just for you. Plz download form mediafire download link here: https://www.mediafire.com/download/znqk9jredfu5zq6/%D9%84%D8%BA%D8%A7%D8%AA.pdf

  4. بہت بہت شکریہ بھائ صاحب

  5. امداد احمد قریشی

    اسلام علکیم ۔۔۔ میں کافی عرصے سے کسی اردو ڈکشنری کی تلاش میں تھا ، مجھے کوئی بھی اچھی ڈکشنری آن لائن نہیں مل سکی مگر آج آپکی ویب سائٹ پہ آ کے میری تلاش ختم ہوئی اور مجھے ایک اچھی اردو ڈکشنری کا پی ڈی ایف ورژن مل گیا۔۔۔بہت شکریہ آپکا

  6. Furoz ul lughat is the Best Urdu dictionary in pdf urdu dictionaries…..Love It….I suggest all guys to read and download this urdu dictionary for all urdu words meanings….ThancS admin For Adding This dictionary in your website….This dictionary is very useful for all Dictionary lovers….

  7. ashaukat@kfupm.edu.sa

    It’s a great service to make available this Urdu dictionary for all.

  8. JazakAllah .

  9. Thanks brother, it’s really your helpful effort. Appreciated !

  10. i am tknkfull to pdfbooksfree.pk

  11. Thank you so much… !!!

  12. md sarfaraz alam qadri

    I was too happy to express

  13. ye bhot achi lughat hay

  14. it is helpful thanks.tell us how to download it?

  15. javid Ahmad Gakhar

    Jaza kallah

  16. great work keep it up

  17. Want to download free Urdu lughat pdf,free that can be viewed on mobile.

  18. Want to,download urdu lughat.

  19. Excellent work

  20. a comprehensive and outstanding dictionary

  21. sirapp bohat kidmat ker rahe hean app ko allah hamesa kush rakhe app isi tara kam kerty rahen

  22. Jazakallah Allah pak ap ko sehat tandrosti da

  23. Feroz ul Lughat is really excellent Book to learn urdu

  24. Thank you so much. God bless you.

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