Holy Quran With Pashto Translation and Tafseer

Holy Quran With Pashto Translation and Tafseer Pdf Free Download

Holy Quran With Pashto Translation and Tafseer Pdf Free Download

Holy Quran With Pashto Translation and Tafseer. Translation of the meanings and interpretations of the Noble Quran in the Pashto language. This Pashto translation and Tafseer of the Quran is divided in tow volumes. Volume first contain interpretation of Para 1 to Para 15 and volume 2 contains Para 16 to 30.

Pashto Translation and Tafseer of Quran e Pak is now available here on pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for the study of our users. Click on the below mentioned links to download complete 2 volumes of Quran e Kareem Pashto translation and Tafseer in Pdf format for offline reading.

Download Volume 1

Download Volume 2


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  1. so much useful website for us

  2. Nice one site for muslims

  3. i want to download Quran with Pashto translate
    what i do?

    1. Just click on the download link. Download will start automatically. Thanks

    2. click on this link and then clink on download volume 1 and then 2.

  4. Assalaam o alaikom wr wb!
    Jazaakumullaah o khairan brother.
    Very useful website..
    Tnx a lot.
    Abo Azaam,

    1. Very nice and useful site

  5. thank you brother very good nice and useful sit

  6. Dr israr Ahmad Sahab ki bayan up Quran kaise download Kare….. Plz zaroor jawab de……

    1. Byan ul Quran by Dr. Israr Ahmed complete 7 volume can be downloaded form this link https://archive.org/details/BayanUlQuran5

    2. Brother u can download dr Israr ahmad,from YouTube all videos related to dr israr ahmad u will find there.

  7. muhammad tayyab siddiqi

    g quran translate with tafseer for laptop

  8. Sir quran with pashto tafseer ms word format mi milyga

  9. I want to download quran with every line one empty space line in every line there I can write meaning myself to learn quran meaning if you provide itr it is todays need every one quran meaning learning classes going online so that I need quran with every line one space line empty

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