Yadon Ki Barat By Josh Malihabadi

Yadon Ki Barat By Josh Malihabadi

Yadon Ki Barat By Josh Malihabadi Pdf Free Download

Yadon Ki Barat A Biography By Josh Malihabadi. Yaadon Ki Barat is a knowledgeable book that contains a complete autobiography/bibliography and memories of the most famous traditional poet and writer of the Urdu language, Josh Malihabadi Sahib.

Josh Malihabadi a great Urdu poet and writer was born in an Urdu speaking Afridi Pashtum Muslim family of Malihabad India. He passed his senior Cambridge examination from St Peter College, Agra in 1914. After his father’s death, Bashir Ahmed Khan, in 1916, he left his college education incomplete. His family produced many writers and poets.

His grandfather, Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan, Uncle Ameer Ahmad Khand and father, Bashir Ahmad Khan, were also poets with numerous works of poetry collection, essays and translations. Josh migrated to Pakistan in 1958. He wrote many books and publications, including Shola o Shabnam, Junoon o Hikmat, Fikr o Nishaat, Sumbal o Salasal, Harf o Hikaayat, Sarod o Kharosh, Irfaniyat e Josh and Yaadon Ki Baraat.

Yaadon Ki Baraat book is now available in Pakistan’s virtual library as a high-quality PDF document for our visitors’ study. Visit the below-mentioned link to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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