Ism-e-Azam by Allama Alam Faqri

Ism-e-Azam by Allama Alam Faqri PDF Free Download

Ism-e-Azam by Allama Alam Faqri PDF Free Download

Ism-e-Azam Ma Khawas Asma-ul-Hasna, Authored by Allama Alam Faqri. This book provides important information about “Ism-e-Azam” and explains the rules and regulations to discover “Ism-i-Azam.” Apart from this, the characteristics and charisma of the 99 blessed names of Allah Ta’ala are also described in this book.

“Ism-e-Azam” refers to the attribute name of Allah Ta’ala, and reciting this supreme name creates a special relationship with Allah Ta’ala, and opens the doors of knowledge to the reader. Allah Ta’ala enriches the reciter of Ism-i-Azam in every way and he gets whatever he asks for from his Lord. With the power of “Ism-i-Azam,” every dua is accepted.

Those who get the secret of “Ism-i-Azam” become special servants of Allah. Allah makes them winners in religion and the world. They get indelible honour and inexhaustible wealth as if “Ism-i-Azam” is the key to every work and is full of boons and blessings.

Islamic Urdu book “Ism-i-Azam” is now available in Pakistan’s virtual library in a high-quality PDF document for our users to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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