Main Nay Dhaka Doobte Dekha by Brig Siddiq Salik

Main nay Dhaka Doobte Dekha by Brig Siddiq Salik Pdf Free Download

Main nay Dhaka Doobte Dekha by Brig Siddiq Salik Pdf Free Download

Main Nay DhaKa Doobte Dekha book authored by Brig Siddiq Salk. This book is the Urdu translation of “Witness to Surrender” book which contains memories of Brigadier Siddiq Salik who was a Major at the time of Pakistan India war in 1971, and became war prisoner for 2 years.

In this book Brigadier Salik explains various phenomena that led to the fall of Dhaka and creation of Bangladesh. Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha discuss the poor communication and lack of management reckless control over circumstances which completely disconnected the east Pakistan from the West Pakistan. An authentic eye witness historical factors and reasons of losing the 1971 war with India in Urdu language.

Urdu book “Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha” is now available here on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for online reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading.

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  1. Sir may nay dhaka dubtay daikhaa hay k Musanif “Ali Ahmad Khan” han

    1. ni ………… sadique salik sb

    2. sadky myry jan sadky

  2. i want it in english

  3. I want in English full PDF plz send me.

    1. @Adnan & Nazish,

      “Witness to Surrender” by Mr. Siddiq Salique is in english edition.

  4. i want this book in urdu pdf some one please send me

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