Musa Bin Naseer by Hakeem Mahmood Ahmad Zafar

Musa Bin Naseer by Hakeem Mahmood Ahmad Zafar PDF Free Download

Musa Bin Naseer by Hakeem Mahmood Ahmad Zafar PDF Free Download

Musa Bin Naseer (موسیٰ بن نصیر) by Hakeem Mahmood Ahmad Zafar. This book contains a biography of the famous Muslim Commander Hazrat e Musa bin Naseer in Urdu. Musa Ibn Naseer was a conquering general of the Islamic world who played a major role in strengthening the roots of Islamic rule in Andalusia.

The companionship and teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have produced great Muhaddith, jurists, philosophers, scientists, and great generals of the world, whose art of swordsmanship has been accepted by the whole world. They were such generals that success and rulership would be their equals wherever they turned. At that time, the world would have been shocked to see their outstanding achievements, and even today, their achievements are a beacon of light.

Those people did not only colour the earth with the blood of humans, but by suppressing the rebels of Allah, they showed humanity the path of peace and prosperity, and the whole world became the cradle of peace and security. One of these great generals is Musa ibn Nusayr.

This book especially reflects the life circumstances, achievements, and services of Musa bin Naseer. Musa bin Naseer was a great commander and general of his time. He succeeded in all the direction he turned throughout his life and made history, and the various tortures and hardships that befell Musa are described in the book. Most of the content of this book is taken from Tareekh Andalus Part I, besides other Arabic and English books of history. The book is embellished with references.

The style of the book is perfect, simple and easy to understand. Hakeem Mahmood Ahmad Zafar has a great passion for writing and editing; apart from this book, he has dozens of other books. We pray that Allah Ta’ala will reward the author and the assistants and helpers with an excellent reward, and make this book a storehouse of good deeds in their balance, and make its benefits public.

The book “Musa Bin Naseer” is now available online on Pakistan Virtual Library as a high-quality PDF document for our users to study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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