Rasul-e-Akram s.a.w Ki Muskurahatain-o-Aansu

Rasul-e-Akram s.a.w Ki Muskurahatain-o-Aansu Pdf Free Download

Rasul-e-Akram s.a.w Ki Muskurahatain-o-Aansu Pdf Free Download

Rasul-e-Akram s.a.w Ki Muskurahatain-o-Aansu Authored by Mualana Abdul Ghani Tariq Ludhyanvi. The Smiles and the Tears of Syyedina Muhammad s.a.w. The present book highlights an interesting aspect of the noble life of Our Beloved Nabi s.a.w that illustrates the humane, compassionate and humble temperament of his character and personality. Whether in public, or private, he was overcome with natural feelings of emotions as a result of a joyous or sad occurrence and his dignified reaction in these moments is yet another glowing example and lesson for us to follow.

It must be noted that whenever he expressed any emotion out of joy, or sadness, he never went to extremes, by either laughing, or wailing loudly. Many Ahadeeth describe his laugh as a smile, sometimes subtle and sometimes very broad, but he never guffawed or even chuckled as he himself forbade anyone to laugh in that manner.

Sayyidah Ayesha r.a says, “I never saw Nabi a.s.w laugh so loudly that his uvula, (inner part of throat) was seen. He only used to smile.” Likewise, his crying has been described as silent weeping and never did he wail loudly. Therefore, wherever the word “laugh” has been mentioned in this book it means a smile and the word “Cry” means a silent weeping with the gentle flowing of tears, sometimes few and sometimes profuse.

May the sublime and pleasant character of Our Beloved Nabi s.a.w be highlighted through this humble effort and may it be a means for us to come closer to him through emulating him in every aspect of his life.

This book “Rasul-e-Akram s.a.w Ki Muskurahatain-o-Aansu” is now available on Pakistan virtual library for reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download it in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading.

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