Razia Sultana Novel by Khan Asif

Razia Sultana Novel by Khan Asif

Razia Sultana Novel by Khan Asif Pdf Free Download

Razia Sultana Novel authored by Khan Asif. Razia Sultana was an ideal figure of courage and fortitude. Princess Razia was the daughter of a devout and brave man of Turkish descent. Her father Sultan Shamsuddin Al-Tamash was not only a man of character and a God-fearing king but also a Courageous man, and why not, he was under the influence of the prayers of a perfect saint of that time. This good fortune set him apart from other kings. His reign was one of the best in Muslim history.

Sultan Al-Tamash loved his daughter very much and he raised her in a very special way. Along with religious and secular education, Razia Sultana also mastered the art of warfare. She was not only a princess of heavenly beauty but also rich in military training.

Al-Tamash was unfortunate in the sense that none of his incompetent sons were able to handle his sovereign power. That is why he preferred his intelligent and capable daughter to his sons and handed over the government to her. Although Razia Sultan, following in her father’s footsteps, did her best to strengthen the Nation of Islam in her short reign. But in politics, she was defeated by her own seals.

It is a great tragedy of human history that great human relations fell prey to the lust for power, this worst practice of politics continues even today, even a smart and courageous woman like Razia Sultan was defeated by her own deceit and hypocrisy. But his steadfastness as ruler did not make any difference and he bravely embraced death. She was, of course, a woman with strong nerves. She also had the honor of being the first female ruler of South Asia. Her name will always be prominent among the bravest women in history.

This story was first published in 1993 in “Akhbar-e-Jahan” in episodes and later on published as a historical novel by Al-Quresh publication. There is no doubt that Khan Asif wrote this story in a beautiful and easy way. Even today, his unique style of writing is preserved in the minds of many of his fans. For this reason, he was awarded titles such as pulse-knower and symbol-knower of history.

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