Reliving Karbala Martyrdom in South Asian Memory by Syed Akbar Hyder

Reliving Karbala Martyrdom in South Asian Memory

Reliving Karbala Martyrdom in South Asian Memory by Syed Akbar Hyder Pdf Free Download

Reliving Karbala, Martyrdom in South Asian Memory authored by Syed Akbar Hyder. Reliving Karbala is a significant contribution to the existing scholarship on Karbala. Hyder adds vitality and depth to his analysis through a range of personal anecdotes, including memories of his own experience of growing up between cultures. This book is an invaluable resource from whcih students of various disciplines will benefit.

In 680 c.e., Hussain bin Ali a.s, the younger grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was martyred on the plains of Karbala, Iraq. The martyrdom of this scion of the Prophet’s lineage, who was slain together with his closest family members and followers, has held an existential importance in a wide variety of cultural spheres in which Muslims participate. As the single most significant historic event in the lives of millions of Muslims, Karbala has left an indelible symbolic mark on devotional practices, on the transmissions of Islamic history, and on subsequent developments in aesthetics, mysticism, and reform movements throughout the Muslim world. Just as Muslims, see their Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, as uswa hasana, the beautiful model of conduct, for many of them, Husain also looms large on the horizon as sayyid al-shuhada.’, the prince/lord of martyrs, who offered his life and possessions during the righteous struggle (jihad) in God’s cause. Apart from its significance for Muslims, the event of Karbala continues to appeal to those from secular and non-Muslim traditions. By surveying the configurations of Karbala within multiple contexts, I explore the meaning of this event as it varies with shifting locales, ideologies, and memories and the way in which the language of religion is negotiated through intertwined and conflicting idioms. Such a project challenges the ease with which we absolutize concepts such as “religious,” “secular,” “Islamist,” and “fictional.”

This study has two main objectives: to provide an insight into the multiple, interdependent lives of Karbala as they furnish a sense of interlocking communal, religious, and literary identities; and to offer an ethnographic prism through which the lived contexts and spirited memories of many Muslims and non-Muslims can be refracted over the expanses of time and space. In pursuit of these objectives, Syed Akbar Hyder has examined the aesthetic considerations, established conventions, narrative licenses, epistemological orientations, patronage patterns, and larger ideological forces that shape the narratives of Karbala.

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