Aayat e Bayyinat by Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk

Aayat e Bayyinat by Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk Pdf Free Download

Aayat e Bayyinat book authored by Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk Syed Muhammad Mehdi Ali Khan. The Ayat e Bayyinat is one of the most famous book which was written about the reality of Shia Mazhab in Urdu language.  Ayat-e-Bayyinat is a unique masterpiece provides much information about the Isna Ashariyyah and other Shia groups, which is definitely precious, but the approach of this book is explanatory and illustrative. Contrary to this, Ayat-e-Bayyinat’s style is controversial and debated. A picture has been painted out by the brush of a man who is well acquainted of all the details and finer points and who made a deep study of both creeds, understanding the discrepancies and incongruities in the Shīʿī creed. Such points have been mentioned in this book which people are generally unaware of. For example, the ruling of Ṭīnah, learned people could not fathom the belief which is related to this. Muḥsin al-Mulk has not only made the masses aware of it but further exposed various astonishment and incredulities related to it.
The style of the book is captivating. Displays of seriousness, honour and impression is evident everywhere therein. Many solid proofs are furnished either to support or to debunk. Although the subject matter of the book is religious discussions yet it is free from dryness and monotony. In fact, at some places the author adopts a more humorous and sarcastic approach, thus enhancing its beauty.

This book is a golden gift to debaters and a precious book to study for others. It is important for everyone to read this book conscientiously and carefully to freshen his īmān and strengthen his beliefs. If it is studied properly then definitely the chances of deviating from the straight path are scant.

The book “Ayat e Bayyinat” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in high quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading in your computer and smartphone.

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