Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab

Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab

Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab

Shahab Nama by Qudratullah Shahab Pdf Free Download

Shahab Nama Urdu Book Authored by Qudratullah Shahab. Shahb Nama is an autobiography of Qudrat Ullah Shahb Sahib in Urdu language in which he narrates his whole life and memories. Visit the following link to read online or download Shahab Nama in Pdf format.

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  1. Thnx for upload of books

  2. Please explain how to download the books. Whenever i click download, ads appers

    1. Please click on the blue text ” Download Shahab Nama Pdf ” just above the ads

  3. Really Good job

  4. i want to get shahabnama to my email address, if u can do please get the needful done.
    i will be thankful

  5. what a beautiful book and what a wording.This is my best book ever.Thank you for posting it on internet.

    1. sir i want this book but in this link it can’t open plz send me this book. if u can?

  6. what a beautiful book and what a wording.This is my best book ever.

  7. one of my best book ever

  8. Heart touching book

  9. thnx to admin for such a upload

  10. اردو ادب سے منسلک لوگوں کے لیے ایک بھت اچھی کاوش ہے. اللہ آپ کو جزادے

  11. i want to download “SHAHAB NAMA” PLS help me

    1. Just click on download shahab nama pdf. download will start automatically.

    2. ملک کامران

      بہت لمبےعرصے بعد یہ کتاب پڑھنے کو ملی۔ بہت شکریہ

  12. Buhat zabrdast.Allah ta’ala mery country ko buht sy Qudrat ullah shahab ata frmaiyn(ameen)

    1. Ameen

    2. Ameen dear

  13. Sir can you upload Gohar Gozasht book by Altaf Gohar Or suggest me any other good biography book.. I love to read biographies… I also read shahab nama by qudrat ullah shahab , that was a nice piece of book.

  14. nice, good work

  15. good books thanks for uploading nice books

  16. Jazaak ALLAH TO admin for such precious work 🙂

    1. if you have this book please send me on my email…

  17. I need this book which was published in english versions in ebook. If any one have pls send me

  18. Asslaam O Alykum va RehmattUllah’ you are doing excellent job
    Thank you

  19. Ahsan Mehmood Awan

    brillant work done by your team. we expect more like that from you. SIR

  20. Salam sir
    can you please send me shahab nama as i need this book

    1. W/Salam
      just click on download link at the end of the post.

  21. Hazaar saal guzar jaingy magar ye book or Qudratullah Shahab ka naam zinda rahega. my best book ever it has increased my knowledge.

  22. May Allah reward it’s best…for uploading these Islamic books…

    1. yes you say absolutely right regarding this book. :

    1. yes dear

  23. Dear All, Can i get this book in Hindi, Marathi or English version.

  24. Thanks for upload books. And appreciable for free download facility.

  25. JazakAllah for freely uploading the book.

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