Shahan e Betaaj By Professor Waheeda Naseem

Shahan e Betaaj By Professor Waheeda Naseem PDF Free Download

Shahan e Betaaj By Professor Waheeda Naseem PDF Free Download

Shahan e Betaaj (شاہانِ بے تاج), authored by Prof. Waheeda Naseem. This book contains biographies of some eminent Sofis and Auliya e Kiram of Aurangabad, India. The book is based on the author’s own travels to India in the 1990s, where she visited their shrines and learned about their lives and teachings.

Waheeda Naseem was a famous educationist, novelist, and short story writer. Every page of this book shows her love for Sufism and Auliya e Kiram. She writes with warmth and compassion, highlighting the stories of these remarkable individuals and their impact on the Muslim community in India.

The book starts with a brief history of Sufism in India and then describes the stories of 25 saints who lived and worked in Aurangabad. These saints came from all walks of life, but they were all devoted to a deep love for Allah and a passion to serve humanity.

Prof. Waheeda writes in detail about each saint’s life and teachings and shares her personal impressions of their significance. She tells about the shrines she visited and the people she met who were inspired by the saints’ teachings.

The book is a valuable resource for those who want to know more about Muslims in India. Professor Naseem discusses the challenges Muslims face in Indian society and highlights their resilience and determination to preserve their culture and faith.

“Shahan e Betaaj” book is now available online on Pakistan Virtual Library as a high-quality PDF document for our users’ study. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in PDF format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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