Sultan ul Shuara Amir Khusrau by Shamim Naveed

Sultan ul Shuara Amir Khusrau by Shamim Naveed

Sultan ul Shuara Amir Khusrau by Shamim Naveed Pdf Free Download

Sultan ul Shuara Amir Khusrau Research and written by Shamim Naveed. This book described the life and work of Abul Hasan Yaminuddin, well known as Hazrat Amir Khosrow , who captivated the centuries with the magic of his accomplishments. The eyes of the history have never seen such perfection among the prominent people. Although almost seven hundred years have passed since he passed away, yet not a single comprehensive skill can be seen in the pages of history that can be compared to him. His conquests in the field of poetry and literature spread from India to all over the world. The Iranians, who never gave any importance to any non-Iranian in front of their linguist, appreciated his Persian knowledge.

The scholars are still amazed on his achievements in the art of music. His legislation and inventions in this field forced even the Hindu Pandits to bow before him who became monopolists of musicology due to their religious prejudices,  and they never considered any non-Hindu musician to be worthy of attention. His expertise in history, mysticism, philosophy, logic, poetry, music and many other fields is opening new doors in the field of research for scholars and students even today.

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