Suspense Digest September 2015

Suspense Digest September 2015 Pdf Free Download

Monthly Suspense September 2015

Suspense Digest September 2015 Pdf Free Download

Suspense digest September 2015 edition online. Monthly Suspense digest is one of the most popular and leading Urdu digest of Pakistan. It is provides latest action adventure stories, fiction and suspense novels, historical novels and long serial novels of the famous novelists of the country.
This edition of Suspense digest contains stories and novels with the below mentioned titles.

Summary of Contents:
• Inshaiya: Review of the minutiae of government’s checkerboard by John Elia.
• Aap Ke Khat : Letters of readers answered by Editorial staff.
• Khadang e Usmani a historical novel by Ilyas Sitapuri.
• Bhoola Bhala novel by Kashif Zubair.
• Sheesh Mehal novel by Asma Qadri.
• Faramoshi Ka Ghaao novel by Salim Anwar.
• Fuqdan novel by Manzar Imam.
• Chingari : Crimes and investigation story by Mirza Amjad Baig.
• Tajurba novel Tanveer Riaz.
• Mefil e Shair o Sukhan by Readers.
• Jaise Ka Taisa novel by Farooq Anjum.
• Marvi serial novel by Mohiuddin Nawab.
• Behroop novel by Ibrahim Jamali.
• Shaikh Nagori novel by Zia Tasneem Bilgrami.
• Tere Naina novel by Samar Abbas.
• Rishte Ka Zaher novel by Shahab Jamal

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