The Petra Historical City Jordan

The Historical City of Petra Jordan. History in Urdu and English

The Petra City wonder of the world
Petra is a Latin word which meaning “The Rock”Petra was the capital of “Nabatacans” the tribe of pre-Roman Arabs, round the fourth century BC. Petra was located at the crossroads of trade routes. This impregnable town within the sandstone canyons of “Wadi Araba Jardan” survived on services provided to traders, and maybe on taxes collected type them.
Shown here is one among Petra’s largest and best known buildings. The so-called Treasury that is concerning a hundred thirty feet tall and a hundred feet wide and that was carved directly in to the pink sandstone cliff. When the Treasury was designed, nobody was aware about the prepossess of this building. Some folks suppose it had been a tomb but others thinks it had been a temple however a lot of people still thinks it was treasury. The “Nabatacans” survived many tries to beat their capital. Its decline appears to possess return once. The Petra had been finally captured by the Romans in AD 106.The Petra in Urdu

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