The Stone Heads of Easter Island

The Stone Heads of Easter Island

 Moai The Stone Heads of Easter Island

The huge stone heads dotting the shoreline of Easter Island that its inhabitants decision Rapa Nui) a triangle of volcanic rock within the South Pacific over 2000 miles from its closest neighbors. Tahiti and Chile have puzzled guests since the primary Europeans arrived here on Easter day in 1722. There are virtually 900 heads known as “Moai” by the islanders, however solely a couple of third of them were ever erected; virtually four hundred were left within the quarries, and another one hundred abandoned whereas being moved. They average concerning thirteen feet in height, however vary from smaller than four feet to 1 seventy 2 feet high. They’re believed to possess been created between AD 1400 and 1600. Then everything stopped. The population grew too nice maybe to over ten thousand individuals for the tiny island, and therefore the social order declined into civil war and even cannibalism.

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