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Urdu Novel Veeran Mehal Ki Churail by A Hameed Pdf Free Download

Veeran Mehal Ki Churail Novel Ainak Wala Jin Series Part 15 authored by Late Abdul Hameed Sahib, usually known as A Hameed. Ainak Wala Jin is a popular children series which contains humor and fiction stories for kids in Urdu language. A famous kid’s drama serial was broadcast from Pakistan television Lahore center in 1993 on the basis of this series. Due to the huge public demand, the drama Ainak Wala Jinn was telecast two times on PTV. It was very popular among kids and parents for its humour and fictional storyline. The main theme of this series is a combination of humor, fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure and suspense.

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Ainak Wala Jin Series contains 15 complete novels. Each novel of this awesome series promotes comedy, magic, moral and learning stories for kids in Urdu. Veeran Mehal Ki Churail is the last novel of Ainak Wala Jin series. This novel is now available on Pakistan virtual library for reading and download. Check out the following links to read online or download Veeran Mehal Ki Churail, Ainak Wala Jin Series Part 15 in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading.

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