Wazifa For The Month of Rajab in Urdu

 Wazifa For The Month of Rajab in Urdu

Golden wazifa for the month of Rajab

1. Reciting Allaha Name “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu” for 1000 time

2. Keep 3 roza (Fast) in the whole month.

3. Reciting Durood Sharif for half hour.

4. Read 2 rakaat Nafl Namaz. Within the Nafal namaz after Al-Hamd sharif recite Surah Ikhlas twenty one times. Once your nafal namaz will completed, then read durood 2 times and then request your dua. Your dua are accepted by Allah Ta’ala positively, and your heart can never dead like alternative deaden individuals.

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