2 Anmol Khazane By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood

2 Anmol Khazane By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Pdf Free Download

2 Anmol Khazane book authored by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai. In this book the author described that there are five verses of the Holy Quran and a Dua (Supplication), a total of six things that have divine spiritual effects, the affirmation of which is evident from the experiences, observations and incidents noted in this book. Hakeem Tariq Mahmood has given permission to all readers for recitation of this Wazifa.

In today’s mechanical ear where there is a state of chaos and narcissism, everyone is in an effort to resolve his own matters. And on the other hand, if someone’s financial conditions are stable or better as compared to others’ in the society, people are unable to tolerate his wellbeing. And they try to pull him through envy, spite, hatred, disgust and even turn towards witchery. If the following “2 Anmol Khazane” i.e. the collection of five Quranic verses and a supplication are recited by anyone after the Faradh (obligatory) Namaz, he can acquire the following virtues and benefits.

Please bear in mind that the more care, respect and concentration with which one recites them, the greater the benefit and virtues he will receive, because Allah treats his creations according to what they expect from Him. Therefore, the more complete, firm belief and faith on Allah, the more benefits and virtues would be gained.

Solutions of job problems, Job promotion problems, domestic disputes, Disobedience of Children, magic and genetics problems, interruption in business, Bad eye effects, protection from enemies, spiritual development and treatment of various health problems.

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