Aage Samundar Hai Novel by Intizar Hussain

Aage Samundar Hai Novel by Intizar Hussain

Aage Samundar Hai Novel by Intizar Hussain Pdf Free Download

Aage Samundar Hai Novel written by Intizar Hussain”Aage Samundar Hai” is a historical novel that takes the reader on a journey through the history of Cordoba and Granada and the love of the past. The story explores the themes of retrospect, seeking refuge in tradition, and the sadness of losing old values. Through its narrative, the author conveys that the glorious history of the Muslim nation is fading away and being forgotten.

The novel revolves around the idea that the nation needs to learn from its past in order to move forward. The author highlights the bravery of the Muslim country in the past, where they used to build boats and sail to the enemy’s camp, burning the ships once they reached the shore. This symbolizes the determination and bravery of the Muslim nation. However, today, that history has been lost, and the author is trying to inspire the nation to keep an eye on the current situation and to take lessons from the past.

The novel is a nostalgic reflection on the past and the loss of old values. It explores the sentimentality of the new values that have replaced the old ones. The author laments the loss of the past and the shallow and superficial nature of the new values. The author encourages the nation to look back at their history and preserve it for future generations. The author’s message is clear: the nation needs to take lessons from the past to move forward.

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