Aam Lisaniyat by Gyan Chand Jain

Aam Lisaniyat by Gyan Chand Jain


Aam Lisaniyat by Gyan Chand Jain Pdf Free Download

Aam Lisaniyat book authored by Gyan Chand Jain. In this book, Gyan Chand describes various branches of linguistics and their issues. He highlights language’s historical evolution and characteristics and discusses technical topics such as linguistic individuality, regional linguistics, ethnic linguistics, sociolinguistics, psychological linguistics, numerical linguistics, and mathematical linguistics. He additionally discussed the history of language studies, linguistics in ancient India, linguistic studies in the West, the study of Indian languages in Europe, and various schools of linguistics in the twentieth century.

Gyan Chand Jain was a well-known Indian writer, critic, and scholar of Urdu literature. Jain was born in 1923 in the town of Seohara in the Bijnor district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Gyan Chand is of particular importance in the field of Urdu literature. Jain was famous for his scholarship in Ghalib studies and as an expert in Ghalib literature. He analyzed the Urdu language according to modern linguistic principles.

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