Aatish Fishan Novel Complete 13 Volumes by Iqbal Kazmi

Aatish Fishan Novel Complete 13 Volumes by Iqbal Kazmi Pdf Free Download

Aatish Fishan Novel Complete 13 Volumes by Iqbal Kazmi Pdf Free Download

Aatish Fishan Novel Complete 13 Volumes authored by Iqbal Kazmi. Aatish Fishan is a very famous novel being published in Jasoosi digest as a serial novel. This novel contains an interesting story of such an innocent young man Wajdan Ali, who burns in the flames of oppression.


He was an eyewitness of the brutal murder of his parents. There was a cemetery settled in his chest and his mind was boiling like a volcano. Every moment of his life brought a new trouble for him. His parent’s killers wanted to destroy him too. He knew his enemies will but could not spoil anything.

Wajdan Ali was looking for a shelter. Where he could be able to cope with these Beasts and to make himself so powerful and capable that the killers cannot even sack his hair. Finally, the nature took him to a place where his life was going to be in a new template.

His name was Wajdan, but the ages of hard times and conditions made him a volcanic. He wanted his enemies to be in the scales of justice. The same wish took him to a training camp Where his life was completely changed.

At the Shaulin Temple, the artists of the art made him an exclusive mastermind of martial arts. His mind was becoming more active than computer and his body was more active than any electric machine and he was turned into a storm. Then he attacked on his rivals and destroying them.

Urdu novel “Aatish Fishan” consists of 13 parts. Each part is a complete novel in itself, which we are offering online for the study of readers of the Pakistan Virtual Library. Full 13 parts are available for free download. Use the links below to download the complete novel in high quality Pdf document and enjoy offline reading in your devices.

Download Volume 1

Download Volume 2

Download Volume 3

Download Volume 4

Download Volume 5

Download Volume 6

Download Volume 7

Download Volume 8

Download Volume 9

Download Volume 10

Download Volume 11

Download Volume 12

Download Volume 13

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