Afsana e Fadak by Maulana Ali Sher Haidri

Afsana e Fadak by Maulana Ali Sher Haidri Pdf Free Download

Afsana e Fadak by Maulana Ali Sher Haidri Pdf Free Download

Afsana e Fadak book authored by Maulana Ali Sher Haidri. Fadak was a green garden in Khaybar. It is now part of Saudi Arabia situated approximately 140 km from Medina. Fadak was famous for its water wells, dates, and handicrafts. Fadak was conquered by Muhammad when the Muslims army defeated the people of Khaybar in the Battle of Khaybar; the Garden of Fadak was part of the bounty given to our beloved Prophet s.a.w. Fadak is said to have became the object of dispute by a group of Muslims between Fatimah r.a and the caliph Abu Bakr r.a after the death of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Shia try to claim that Fadak was snatched by Abu Bakr r.a from Fatimara & try to quote Hadiths from Bukhari & Muslim to Bach-up this false claim. But they skip many Hadiths which is also on same issue but when: all narrations & view of Sunni scholars considered as a whole, then story leans to opposite direction.

Sunnis scholars said, Muhammad s.a.w did not gift Fadak to his daughter. All the narrations regarding this are weak. As far as the claim of Shias is concerned, that when the verse of the Quran, “And give the relative his right”, was revealed, the Prophet gave Fadak to his daughter as it was her right. But, there are several famous Sunni scholars who specify that the revelation of Surah Al-Isra 17:26 is about Fadak transmission from the Prophet to Fatima, such as Razi, Suyuti, Khwarizmi, Ali ibn Abd-al-Malik al-Hindi and so on. Hazrat e Fatimah r.a however agreed and satisfied with the Decision of Abu Bakr after he came to Fatimah’s house and discussed the matter with Ali and Fatima r.a.

The “Afsana e Fadak” book contains a lecture of Maulana Ali Sher Hadiri in which he discused the issue of Fadak and answered to all the questions of Shia in the light of Quran and Hadith in Urdu language. 

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