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Muhammad Anwar Sadat (1918-1982)

  Short Introduction of Muhammad Anwar Sadat Egyptian President Muhammad Anwar Sadat, Egyptian statesman and successor to President Jamal Abdul Nasir since 1970, was assassinated in 1982. He rehabilitated Arab’s confidence by almost defeating Israel in the 1973 Arab-Israel war. Against the will of the Muslims, he visited Israel in 1977 and struck a relations […]

Khomeini Ayatullah Roohullah (1900-1989)

Khomeini Ayatullah Roohullah (1900-1989)

Short Introduction of Khomeini Ayatullah Roohullah Khomeini Ayatullah Rouhullah Al-Moosvi was born on September 24, 1900 in a family of Muslim spiritual leaders in the township of Khomein Near Hamadan in central Iran. His father, elder brother and maternal grand father were Ayatullahs. His father died when he was few months old. He was brought […]

Muhammad Ayub Khan The Prominent Personality of the World

President of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan (1907-74) First Pakistani Commander In Chief of Pak Army. He was born in N.W.F.P (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), educated at the Muslim University Aligarh before he wen to Royal Military College, Sand Hurst, where he was commissioned in 1928.  Early in 1934, Ayub Khan was made Colonel and was promoted as […]

Barack Obama A Biography By Joann F Price

Barack Obama A Biography By Joann F Price Pdf Free Download Barack Obama A Biography Authored By Joann F Price. Barack Obama is truly a rising political star in the United States. With an African first name that means “blessed,” his name is often mispronounced and sometimes ridiculed. However seemingly blessed, he states that he […]