Dilon Ke Masiha Novel By Khan Asif

Dilon Ke Masiha Book By Khan Asif

Dilon Ke Masiha Book By Khan Asif Pdf Free Download

Dilon Ke Masiha Book Authored By Khan Asif. In the book “Dilon Ke Masiha” the author describes the biographies of the 14 most famous Auliya e Kiram and their services for the propagation of Islam in Urdu language.

The chain of Apostleship is over, but the work of Apostleship continues. And it will continue until the resurrection. The conflict between good and evil had started from the day when Iblis refused to prostrate before Adam and he was cursed. Then the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim a.s continued to grow, some people went on the right path and some fell into the deception of Satan and strayed from the right path.

Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, and the Most Just. How could His Holy Name be pleased to leave His servants at the mercy of “Satan”?  He sent prophets to misguided humanity. These Prophets of Allah called the misguided people to the Right Path. Those who kept their hearing open and listened to the voices of their spiritual leaders remembered their forgotten destination and returned to the shadow of their Lord’s unparalleled mercy, and they found the way of salvation.

The task of conveying the universal message of Islam and giving life to the insensitive and dead humanity was done by the friends and loved ones of Allah after those great Prophets, Rashidun Caliphs, and Companions. These were the poor people who kept worldly jewels in their stumbling blocks. These were the conquerors of time who conquered hearts, who won the hearts of humanity not by the sword, but by their good deeds.

Enlightening the creatures who have wandered in the darkness of disbelief and ignorance with the light of faith and belief, liberating the helpless humanity trapped in the torments of ruin and humiliation, breaking the lock of rusty hearts with the name of Allah. These people are ambassadors of light, they are the successors of the Holy Prophet and the friends of Allah.

The book Dilon Ke Maseeha described brief but comprehensive historical facts about the blessed lives of these successors of the Holy Prophet (saw) and the saints of Allah, and their struggle for the revival of Islam. Khan Asif has written more than five thousand pages on the lives of Saints. He did not make the Muslim Saints as magical as the Hindu Yogis and Sannyasis but highlighted the bright and real aspects of their blessed lives and work.

Urdu book “Dilon Ke Masiha” is now available on Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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