Sultan Adil By Almas M.A

Sultan Adil Novel By Almas M.A

Sultan Adil Novel By Almas M.A Pdf Free Download

Sultan Adil Urdu Historical novel Authored By Almas M.A. Sultan Adil’s novel is a historical story based on the life and struggle of Sher Shah Suri, who Suri ruled India for only five years. Remarkable deeds took place during the reign of this king, which are still benefiting millions of people today. The benefits of his social and welfare work are still there today. In history, only those rulers who care about the welfare of their public are remembered in good words.

In the history of the Indian subcontinent, Sher Shah Suri is a king who, in his short reign, carried out more welfare and social work than the entire Mughal Empire. Sher Shah Suri had very little time to rule, and even during this time, he was busy crushing various war campaigns and uprisings. Despite all this, the welfare and constructive works of Sher Shah Suri are far greater than those of any other ruler of India.

The biggest achievement is the construction of the highway “Generali Road,” which is now called “GT Road” (Grand Trunk Road). Sher Shah Suri introduced the rupee, a common currency in India and Pakistan today. In addition to establishing law and order in the empire, promoting trade, providing facilities to farmers, and reforming the postal system, Sher Shah Suri’s greatest achievement was establishing a society based on justice and fairness throughout the state.

Sher Shah Suri, India’s most capable and just ruler, ruled India for only five years between the Mughal emperor Babar and his son Humayun. Sher Shah Suri set an example of public service and welfare projects in those five years. Today, centuries later, their influence is still present in Indian and Pakistani civilization.

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