Dohe Urdu Poetry Book by Jamiluddin Aali

Dohe Urdu Poetry Book by Jamiluddin Aali

Dohe Urdu Poetry Book by Jamiluddin Aali Pdf Free Download

Dohe Urdu Poetry Book authored by Jamiluddin Aali. This book contains a collection of Doha poetry of Jamiluddin Aali. Doha (couplet) is a genre of Urdu poetry in which a poem consists of two lines that are complete in themselves and do not relate to anything else. Doha is basically a two-line poem that poets usually use as a moral lesson.

Jamiluddin Aali was an all-round and all-around personality of Urdu literature. His all-round personality has been expressed on many levels in life as well as in poetry. In addition to ghazals, Doha, and songs, he has made poems and melodies his medium of expression and has also written a long poem entitled “Insaan”.
Some people think that Aali Sahib is basically a ghazal poet and he himself said that he loves his ghazal more than his Dohas and songs. But we say that his mood is more in tune with song and Doha than ghazal. That is why the essence of his creative personality, especially in Doha, shines with the atmosphere that Doha is associated with his name and his name is attributed to Doha.

Doha was certainly not extinct in Urdu before Aali, but it is certain that no notable Doha writer appeared in Urdu before him, nor did Doha establish any credibility in Urdu as a genre of speech. This honor was bestowed only on Aali Sahib because for the ancient genre of speech that had been neglected for a long time, and he bring it to the masses and properties by reviving it with a new color and new harmony and giving it such stability as a genre of speech that it becomes a part of Urdu genre poetry.

Undoubtedly, the process of introducing the duo in Urdu is a feat of Aali which is enough to keep his name alive in the history of Urdu literature. From this point of view, it is not wrong to say that Doha Urdu poetry is the invention of Aali Sahib. He is credited not only for introducing Doha writing in Urdu but also for promoting it. He is the founder of Urdu Doha in modern times, and with regard to Urdu Doha, he has the status of a trend maker in Urdu. The colorful experiences of life and the aesthetic expression of the living emotions that unfolded in his “Dohas” And because of this, the world is convinced of the freshness and radiance, the color and sweetness, the composition and the texture that was created in his Dohas. In addition to this, the fascinating style of reading Doha, which he devised, doubled the effect of his Doha and extended his fame and popularity beyond India and Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. After the popularity of his Doha writing and Doha saying, many other Urdu poets also turned to Doha writing, and most of them dubbed the “Aali Style” in their Doha.

Hopefully, this collection of “Dohas” will be appreciated by the fans of Aali Sahib’s Dohas as well as those who are doing research on them. Urdu poetry book “Dohe” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format and enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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