Fazail e Aamal Urdu By Maulana Muhammad Zakariya r.a

Fazail e Aamal Urdu By Maulana Muhammad Zakariya r.a

Fazail e Aamal Urdu Complete 2 Volumes Pdf Free Download

Fazail e Aamal in Urdu authored by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariya r.a. The present  book “Fazail e Amaal” is a very famous Islamic preaching book well known as Tableeghi Nisab. This book is divided in 2 volumes. 

Volume 1 of Fazail e Amaal contains

  1. Hikayat e Sahaba r.a
  2.  Fazail e Namaz
  3.  Fazail e Tabligh
  4.  Fazail e Zikar
  5.  Fazail e Quran Majeed
  6.  Fazail e Ramazan
  7.  Fazail e Durood Shareef
  8.  Musalmano Ki Maujooda Pasti Ka Wahid Ilaj

Volume 2 of Fazail e Amaal contains:

  1. Fazail e Sadqaat
  2. Fazail e Hajj

Complete 2 volumes of “Fazail e Amaal” is now available on Pakistan virtual library for reading and download. Visit the following links to read online or download complete 2 volumes of Fazail-e-Amal Urdu version in Pdf format.

Read online Volume 1

Read online Volume 2

Download Fazail e Amal Urdu Volume I

Download Fazail e Amal Urdu Volume II


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    very knowledgable link

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  5. fazial e sadqaat pe upload kren

  6. Ma sha Allah kitna acha idea he Allah aap ko aur bhi mazeed acha sochney ki taufeeq ata farmaye ameen sum ameen duaaoon me yaad rakhna

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  8. MashAAllah. very nice work for islam

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  10. jamil Ahmed Tariq

    Dear Sir,
    Assalam o Alekum,
    I am unable to read or download the book “Fazael Haj” from your site.
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    1. To download any book from Pakistan virtual library, you must use chrome browser instead of any other browser. Thanks

  11. Ch Umar Hayat Gondal

    Can any body provide me the oldest one book, which contain five Rissalas, the original one written by Hazrat Maulana, Zakria Sahib. If available, I will be very thankful to you in this regards

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