Filmi Alif Laila by Ali Sufyan Afaqi

Filmi Alif Laila Complete Book by Ali Sufyan Afaqi

Filmi Alif Laila by Ali Sufyan Afaqi Pdf Free Download

Filmi Alif Laila book authored by Ali Sufyan Afaqi. The book “Filmi Alif Laila” is an interesting myth based on the memoirs of Ali Sufyan Afaqi. It is the world’s longest-running biography, and it describes the untold stories of celebrities from the fields of literature, journalism, and the film industry. It exposes scandals of prominent artists, writers, and film personalities.

Ali Sufyan Afaqi had a unique reputation as a legendary journalist, storyteller, and travelogue writer. He also made over sixty most popular films as a film producer and introduced many new faces as heroes and heroines to the heights of fame. His reputation in the Pakistani film industry was not only due to his ability but also to his nobility and character. He had the opportunity to work with eminent writers and journalists of his time and many writers rose to great heights through his training.

Ali Sufyan Afaqi was an exceptionally tireless and cheerful man. He wrote travelogues of various countries and put the report in a unique way. Afaqi Sahib had revealed the secrets of the lives of celebrities in “History Digest” for more or less fifteen years under the title of film Alif Laila. The beauty of this longest story is that it gives rise to stories from the story and depicts that era in front of the readers.

Below is a list of Afaqi’s books that are currently available in the Pakistan virtual library for reading and download.

  1. Ajaibat e Farang Safarnama
  2. Europe Ka Koh e Qaaf
  3. Europe Ki Alif Laila
  4. Mom Ka Adam Novel
  5. Nile Kinaray
  6. Talismat e Farang
  7. Zara Englishtan Tak

Urdu book “Filmi Alif Laila” is now available in Pakistan virtual library in a high-quality Pdf document for the study of our visitors. Check out the following links to read online or download the complete book in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading on your computer and smartphone.

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  1. Muhammad Atta-ul-Ghaffar

    A very interesting story-type history… I have read this in ” Family Magazine”, a weekly magazine under the editorship of Afaqi Sb.

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